Instinct is the next level of Krav Maga


 Chief Instructor and Founder, Sergeant First Class. Kfir Itzhaki, from the elite anti-terrorism unit of the Israeli Defense Force created Instinct's curriculum from his training and field experience and is consistently updating our training and techniques.


 Instinct's U.S. representatives, Justin Tarin and Robert Amos, have traveled to Israel for extensive training in Krav Maga, and are currently trained by Kfir Itzhaki. Justin and Robert are dedicated to bringing all of Instinct's trainees the most authentic level of Krav Maga training available. Kfir will travel to Indiana for annual training sessions for Instinct's trainees; Justin and Robert will continue to travel to Israel to insure that all Instinct trainers and trainees receive the highest level and most current Krav Maga training available.

 In that sense, we are offering a special membership rate for a very  limited time when you sign up with a friend for a one year contract. Take advantage of 20% off both of your monthly rates for a year and experience the highest level of Krav Maga available, while bridging the gap between workout and reality.

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 Instinct believes that the best way to maximize your Krav Maga sessions is to train in realistic yet safe conditions. For that, having a training partner that will challenge, push, and encourage you to perform at your best is highly important.

This offer is for the Speedway training location only.

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